Meet your chauffeur

Berkeley Chauffeurs UK want you to know 'Who is behind the wheel?'

We feel that it is our duty to give you as much information as possible about each individual chauffeur.

Britain's roads are busy and we feel that it is important that you know how much experience your chauffeur has and what past careers have been and interests they have.

The standard Public Carriage Office checks have all been carried out on all of our chauffeurs. In addition we interview each chauffeur and assess the quality of their driving abilities. References are checked of past employers and spot checks are carried out during the first three months of employment.

  • Experienced chauffeurs
  • Touring specalist
  • Chauffeur-guides
  • Shopping experts


Meet your chauffeur

Each chauffeur we work with has different attributes. We have a number of security trained chauffeurs, others have particular knowledge of touring London, Northern England, Scotland or Wales.

All have agreed to our levels of service detailed in our terms of engagement, copies can be forwarded to prospective clients.

Chauffeur of the month

Keith has been a chauffeur for 22 years and knows London's road network very well indeed. Shoppers are delighted with his knowledge of specialist shops and business people greatly appreciate his route knowledge to airports, especially when high levels of traffic disrupt main roads. Keith is kind, considerate and safe.

Our clients

We service businesses, leisure travelers, local individuals and VIP's. We take great care in matching the right chauffeur to a particular situation and client.

Clients who speak a language other English will be pleased to learn we also have multi-lingual chauffeurs.


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